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This database of campsites and Aires is under development.
Once testing is completed we will roll out the currently hidden content to customers who have bought the corresponding Vicarious guidebooks.

Feel free to register, then take a look at our free guides for Sea View Camping England, All the Aires Mountains, Scandinavia, and Camping Morocco.
It would be really helpful if you could look at recently visited sites and submit site reviews, or provide updated information and photos.
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About the site

This interactive database is free to use. Unusually there is two types of free, completely free, and complimentary free. For example, you can access Sea View Camping England right now because we do not publish a guidebook for that area. Once we have finished testing, we will roll out Sea View Camping Wales, Scotland and The West Country by issuing access codes to users who have bought the corresponding guidebook.

We have been inspecting Aires and Campsites for over a decade so we have a vast amount of photos, more than available anywhere else on the internet. You really can see every detail about the pitches or motorhome parking areas, the service points, and the local area. In time we will also be adding video, but bear with us because this is time consuming and we are providing this service for free.

About Vicarious Media

Vicarious Media specialise in destination guides for motorhome and caravan users. Vicarious Media is the biggest independent retailer of motorhome and caravan books, many of which are imported from Europe. This website supports the guidebooks published by Vicarious Media only.
The majority of the photos and data on this website were taken by Chris and Meli the founders of Vicarious Books Media. They have been camping caravanning and motorhoming all of their lives. They have stopped overnight at 1200 different Aires over the past 13 years and have inspected over 7000 motorhome stopovers. They regularly inspect the Aires de service in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland) and Luxembourg. Vicarious Media also publishes Sea View camping guides for Scotland, Wales and the West Country.